TUSD Print Shop

Here are some free Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher templates you may download.  They are great “starting-off” points for designing your Elementary and Middle School Yearbooks.  Of course, your Yearbook pages can be designed any way you want them so long as ALL MARGINS are 1/2” on ALL sides.

Right-click and choose “Save as...” to save to your local hard drive.

Sample Yearbook Templates

Each file submitted must be opened and individually converted to PDF format before printing/proofing.  The more files submitted, the more time is required in our Graphics department for printing.

Click HERE for tips on laying out Yearbooks using “Hard Copy” guide sheets.

Make sure you embed your pictures (click HERE for a quick “How-To”) into your document (do not LINK them) since moving from one computer to another can result in broken image links and result in missing images/low resolution output!